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Right food at the right time with the right exercise = Best Workout Results! Get the drift? 

If you are a regular gym rat, you would probably know that you have to eat well and at a proper time so that you get a body that looks jaw-droppingly envious! You sure do spend a great deal of time, effort and energy on hitting the gym so why not make the most of it with the right diet? And if you miss out on doing any of these, you’ll typically feel fatigued and worn- out! And we know, that’ll further give you the FOMO feelers which you can keep at a safe distance by simply understanding how and what to eat so you can forever continue to hit it out of the park when it comes to #fitnessgoals So, here’s where it starts to become even more motivating!

Just before getting started with your workout jam, let good food be your ‘bae’  

If you run on an empty stomach, you will burn-out faster. Your body needs the right fuel (say yay to some delicious healthy snack) before your workout. You can actually lose muscle mass and even find it difficult to lose weight if you don’t get the nutrition you need before your workout sesh. This does not mean that you eat just before you go to the gym — your body needs time to digest the food. So, you need to eat about one to three hours before the workout, depending on your digestion. A combination of carbs and proteins are the best pre-workout meals. Carbs may have a somewhat bad rep, but your body needs them too. Don’t overload on proteins at this stage but do throw in some protein element in your pre-workout meal. Some yum combinations that will help you get started – you can whip up either of the below snacks:

• Brown rice and beans and/or some cheese – can be had hot or cold in the form of a salad.

• Fruit and nuts.

• Granola or muesli or oatmeal with milk or yoghurt and some fruit and seeds.

• Peanut butter sandwich with some fruit.

• Grilled chicken with potatoes and other vegetables.

• Whole or multi-grain bread with eggs and some fruit or veg (or both).

• Healthy smoothie.

• Whole-wheat pasta.

Don’t forget to gulp down some water or other liquids — you don’t want to get dehydrated, do you?


Post workout meals helps in amping up your energy levels

When you have gone through a grueling exercise sesh, you need to refuel your body for muscle recovery. Protein-rich foods help with muscle and cell recovery and repair, so you must sip on some protein shake or/and eat a protein bar after 15 to 30 minutes of your workout. Remember to say nay to heavy and stodgy meals immediately post workout. Fuel up on poached or grilled fish with wholegrain toast or crackers, Hummus and pita along with a salad, Cottage cheese and fruits or Quinoa with nuts and coloured berries. Again, hydration is very important and, apart from water, you can have yum diluted juices or electrolyte drinks. Eat the right foods at the right times to maximise your workout gains and get a body that keeps slaying it.