5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Avoid Distractions When Working Out at Home

Ways to help you stay motivated and avoid distractions while working out at home during the lockdown in order to achieve your personal fitness goals.


As the total number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia continue to rise at an alarming rate, the Indonesian government has decided to continue imposing a nationwide lockdown on all movement. This also means that gyms and fitness centres have remained closed, much to the chagrin of fitness enthusiasts across the country. With no gym access for the foreseeable future, the most viable option for everyone would be to focus on exercise routines that can be performed within the comforts of their own homes. Yes, it can be done! However, the success rate of performing these workouts can be significantly threatened by distractions which lurk at every nook and corner of our homes. In that regard, here are a few tips you can implement to ensure that you continuously have the motivation to workout at home and achieve your personal #fitnessgoals. Stop wasting time and get to warming up folks, ‘cuz it’s about to get hot and sweaty in here!


Choose a Workout Space Which Feels Most Zen to You

Identifying an area of your home which can be used to perform an exercise routine safely is the first step towards maintaining your focus and motivation in a home-based workout during the lockdown. This usually includes small modifications you would need to make to the layout of a certain living area, particularly since home-based workouts consist of bodyweight exercises. Let’s gain a deeper understanding of this, shall we?


For example, by setting your customised music playlists on ‘shuffle mode’ to set the mood for your routine or by designating an adequate amount of space within a living area for you and a partner to exercise together. As an alternative, performing a workout routine at home could require the use of a screen, especially if your workout involves guidance by a fitness coach. It may seem like a fallacy at first but believe us, your workout motivation will double once you’ve turned a designated space into your own personal workout area. Change must come from within and can only be seen when you start to love yourself more. Simple, no?


Dress Up for Your Show Up

Just like dressing up for an important event such as a big pitch to a client or sales meeting with your immediate superior, how you present yourself fashion-wise plays a key role in winning half the psychological “battle”. This is because taking the time to dress up presentably will not only convey a show of respect towards your client or manager but will also indicate a show of respect towards the information you’re trying to present to these individuals as well.


On a personal level, “suiting up” in a presentable manner projects an aura of self-confidence in your own abilities. Under similar circumstances, going about your day in active wear can give you the motivation to workout instead of continuing to let your body be idle. This is further endorsed by a 2012 study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology which found that staying in your workout attire for the most part of your day can actually convince your brain that regular exercise is actually good for you. So, start getting comfortable with the idea of being in active wear all day, errday cuz’ it’s going to drive you to be a more focused and active version of yourselves.


Planning Ahead for Daily Workouts

Failure to complete a certain task by a stipulated deadline is usually down to a lack of organisation and most commonly, failure to write it down in a daily organiser. Taking into account that the imposed lockdown may cause you to live a life that is more relaxed and sedentary in nature, it is no wonder that you may sometimes find yourselves struggling for focus when performing an exercise routine. However, this cannot be attributed to a lack of organisation but a lack of motivation instead. Seems to us like we’ve got ourselves caught in a predicament of sorts now, eh?


Quite interestingly, one of the most effective ways to do away with this lack of motivation is to “lock down” (see what we did there?) your daily workout at a time of your own choosing, whilst taking into consideration all the tasks that you would need to complete daily. In doing so, you will not only stay disciplined towards achieving your #fitnessgoals but also give yourself the motivation to complete your daily workouts. Physical fitness is not achieved through a rat race but rather the fruit of a consistent and disciplined approach towards your personal fitness. You best believe that.


A Squad That Works Out Together, Stays Together! #BFF

Life just gets a little bit more exciting with a friend by your side, especially if this friend also happens to be your favourite fitness partner. And yes, we totally get the frustration at not being able to achieve any of the #fitnessgoals you’ve set out to accomplish with your fitness buddy during the lockdown but worry not. Thanks to video conferencing platforms, you can now partner up with friends in a virtual group workout without even having to step out of your door. Ready, set, sweat!

You may find yourself struggling to cope with the intensity of a particular workout routine, especially if your personal trainer is not physically present to boost your motivation. They can, however, still provide you with tips to improve your workout by assessing your form and transition from one exercise to another via a video conference call. Oh and by the way, do check out our Facebook Live Workouts, which are guaranteed to help you to #KEEPONGLOWING and work your way to a rockin’ body at home. You’re welcome.


Pick a Routine Which Feels Good to You

If you’ve felt the temptation to upload videos of yourself performing a workout or pictures of yourself sporting the latest gym apparel on the ‘gram, or even to “tweet” your fitness goals during the lockdown for that matter, we totally get it. And while the struggle may be real, you’re actually not alone! However, the motivation to perform a specific workout routine has everything to do with what you’re comfortable with and not what may or may not interest your followers on social media. 


As a matter of fact, choosing to focus on an exercise routine which is not exactly “cut out” for you can result in inflicting injury upon yourself instead of experiencing positive health benefits. This can be caused by you not performing the exercises involved using proper form (which is a common occurrence if you’re performing an exercise for the first time) or if the routine is more intense than what your body is accustomed to. In addition to, your workout of choice also has to take into account the amount of space as well as the type of fitness equipment required. The inability to allocate the necessary amount of space or to incorporate use of specific gym equipment can hinder your ability to perform a routine completely and prevent you from reaping the full physical benefits of your workout. In terms that may be more familiar to you, ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ to a routine which epitomises your passion and personality.

Discovering a workout that you are truly passionate about will give you the motivation to perform it regularly, instead of dreading it whenever the time you’ve set for exercise comes around. And if you can stay consistent and ensure that the practices above are a staple of your fitness routine, you’ll be well on your way to improving your fitness and reaching physical milestones that you thought were once impossible to achieve. Stay home, and stay safe, everyone!