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5 ways to have more fun in your workout

Tip 1: Call on your BFF

Nothing like friendly rivalry for motivation. You’ll have each other’s backs – especially when you’re trying to go big. Plus, you can’t not get out of bed knowing you’ll let them down.


Tip 2: Mash it up

Variety keeps things interesting! Learn new stuff the fun way and grow your social circle by working out in a group. Find your groove atCelebrity Fitness’ classes, from Dance N’ Attitude to FastFit and Floating Yoga. Pick one you’ve never tried before.


Tip 3: Crank it up

Energy-deficit day? Intense music is a great booster. It not only helps you focus, but keeps you energised and is a great natural high. Create a playlist with a fast-paced beat, and pump up the music for better results .


Tip 4: Cut to the chase

Want to make your workout short and sweet? Cut your workout time by half! How? Watch your between-sets banter and pace yourself. Short, intense workouts can be effective for building strength and endurance.


Tip 5: Track yourself

Hate working out? See #1, above. But nothing makes exercise fly faster than seeing the tangible results! Tracking your progress in a journal makes the gains more real and provides a great way to stay motivated. Hate paperwork? Hey, that’s one thing a personal trainer does for you!